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28th June 2004

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#1 15 years ago

I'm Anikal, a member of SJA - Sith and Jedi Alliance. We have about 10 members, and we need some more. Our Clan was started this month. The way our clan is run is similar to the Jedi Order. You join, get tested by a Master, get trained by a Knight/Master get promoted. . . etc Our clan has plenty of fun with 10 members, so if we had more, the fun would increase. We have battles with other clans, have a Combat Center. . . We'll have an Academy soon (which I'll be the Headmaster of :p) and we've got plenty more on the adgenda :nodding:. We need more members because we need enough Knights and Masters to train the lower ranks, and besides. . . . .you'll have fun with our clan ;). However, we will not automatically promote you to Knight or Master. . . You must be trained by one of us first, but it is still worth it. We don't have a server up yet, so we usually play on SNAKEHOLE. The IP is: Our Clan sites: Main Site: Forums: Hope to see you soon! ~Anikal