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#1 12 years ago

:cya:Hello everyone:cya:, Im in a clan called SoD and was told to come and post this by my leader :)

To start off, My name is TheOne', Nice to meet you all :D, I am SK ranked in the clan (That means around the middle :P). We are a revived clan, I don't know how it died last time but im sure it will nevah happens again :D (Cuz our leader rocks!). Now thats enough about me, now for the clan {SoD} basicly means Souls of Destruction. It is a small sized clan with a Teamspeak, Server and Website + Forums, We are in recruition stage because lots of people have been leaving (Real life issues like school).

We currently have 15 members, and growing fast, We also have a wicked rank system thats going to be updated to make it more of a challenge to get to diffrent ranks and paths (Makes it more fun too). {SoD} is a duel-friendshiped type clan, we have fun and learn alot of tricks from other members Also we have tournements and other funbased activities to interest our members, Like tffa matches, duels, *NEW* Last man standing and other crazy things :)

Now, For the clans history, {SoD} Has been thrown through some tough times (Like dieing and other things), It was revived by Tx606 (Leader) so that its spirit can live on, {SoD} wont face pernament death, Ever. As for Enemies and allies, We currently have none of them, So we might look for some soon :).

Overall, This clan is a worthwhile thing to do, And you can get some good laughs (Aswell as dueling skills) out of it :)

I.p for Teamspeak server - I.p for Jka server - Oh and by the way, Here is the website and forums - http://souls.roxorgamers.com/ I.p for Teamspeak server -

Bye :)