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Your Name: Kachow, I am the Executive Council / One of the founders of =|TD|=.

Your Clan's Name: =|TD|= Tranquil Domain

Your Website/Forums: tranquildomain.ipbfree.com Your Server: (20 Slot, FFA) [COLOR=Teal]Some Other Optional Information:[/COLOR] =|TD|= is a new clan created July 17, 2009. We have big ideas for future events, training, trials, etc.. Your Member Count: Since we're a new clan, we only have 3 sadly. We have good ideas for the future to help get members though. Your Clan Type: =|TD|= is focused on the NF Side of JKA. We are soon to have events, training, trials, etc.. Our server is FFA but we have TFFA Scrimmages as well. Your Clan's History: =|TD|= was created July 17, 2009 by Kachow and Sargon. Your Rank System: Executive Council [EC] High Council [HC] Council [C] Jedi Master [JM] Jedi Knight [JK] Jedi Guardian [JG] Jedi Adept [JA] Jedi Sage [JS] Padawan Learner [PL] Padawan [PA] Initiate [I]

Your Allies and Enemies: Currently, no allies. And we do not wish to make any enemies.