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31st March 2008

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#1 11 years ago

t3nwulby9.png [COLOR=Navy]Watch t3home2 Video Here![/COLOR] (More videos on our website)

Read, Register, Post an Application, Play on our servers and enjoy :)

We're searching for friendly, adult acting people with quite some experience in JK3. Our servers are basejka. People who are part of the Terminative 3 community can be part of any other clan/team/organization they want to be. We are only a place for people to hang around, develop theirselves and enjoy JK3, keep JK3 active. Read more about us on our main portal! Further, you're always welcome to join in on our public server. We are a JK3 community, we provide people training, a friendly environment to play in, downloads and much more :) We'll always be around in JK3, in active and inactive times.

Terminative 3 servers: click!

Website here!

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