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12th May 2007

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#1 13 years ago

wewantyouyw3.jpg Well, you propably can see I play WoW. But it doesn't mean this clan is about WoW. I only made up name from WoW cause I'm out of names for clans... I've made alot clans those have blown up cause of noobs so this clan has high requirements to join. Well then, we have following rules: 1. No laming 2. Cursing is allowed (only on servers where cursing is allowed) 3. No mercy! So, The Almighty Horde is miscellaneous clan, both RPin and having some events once in awhile. Joining has next requirements: 1. You're not a noob 2. You can hurt me until 50 HP in duel before you die 3. NO MERCY!!! Now here's forums Message Board - Home There will come cooler skins and more stuff to forum later. We play on following servers: Nexu Lugormod (I play here rarely nowadays cause u cant curse there and that place crashes my comp) Slaxer's Lugormod we also play on Eltran's Lugormod and have big gunfight on JKA distruption. I'll post IP on forums later, aswell as ranks and membs