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13th February 2005

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Your Name:[COLOR=Red] ([/COLOR][COLOR=Green]JAWA[/COLOR][COLOR=Red])[/COLOR][COLOR=Yellow]Leader[/COLOR][COLOR=Silver]SiLink[/COLOR] Your Clan's Name: The [COLOR=Red]([/COLOR][COLOR=Green]JAWA[/COLOR][COLOR=Red])[/COLOR] Clan, JAWA = The character and not initials for anything although Juice and Water Association have been suggested a lot :). Your Website/Forums: Our website is a mixture of a forum and a wiki. Check it out for yourself. Your Server: (Alternative is /connect Your Member Count: 84 at present, however we've had between 400-500 in our life time. Your Clan Type: We're a friendly social clan who enjoys fighting, chatting, events and interacting with other clans. Your Clan's History: We've been around for almost 6 years now in Jedi Academy. A full explanation of our history can be found here. Your Rank System: We have two stages of ranks (Cyan and Yellow). For a full list of ranks and explanations, click here. Your Allies and Enemies: We avoid making enemies as much as possible, we're definitely not the sort of clan that looks for trouble however sometimes it's just unavoidable. We currently have 4 allies (KR, CoF, AoF and C). Again for a list of our allies and all the information you may need, click here.

I look forward to potentially seeing more visitors :).

Thanks, SiLink