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Gabe Alkorda

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6th July 2006

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I am Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda from the ::JEDI:: Order. We are a strict role-playing clan (Not to be confused with RPG), which focuses on the utmost quality of the roleplay atmosphere and continuity.

We are always happy to see new faces in our server, and are always willing to initiate new members who show potential, though the process is sometimes quite lengthy.

Our server's IP is Before you connect, however, you will need to download the clientside version of RPMod, our own mod that is currently in its beta stage, and is necessary to be fully functional in our server. The details for the mod as well as links can be found on our forums, in this section.

The clan was formed in 2004 and has been running ever since, with a few months of down-time in 2005. We have roughly 40 members, ranging from all the ranks which include Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Padawan Learner, and Initiate. We are headed by a High Council, which makes all final calls on issues. We also have a Voice Council, which serves as the intermediate body between the rest of the clan and the High Council, sharing opinions, decisions, etc.

I'd just like to extend a welcome to the filefront community, and ask that you feel free to drop by and check us out if you wish!

-Gabe Alkorda