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This clan was formerly known as Yakuza. We are a Samurai-themed clan. I bear the name of Hatamoto Matsumura, and currently am Shogun (therefore leader) of the clan. The name of the clan is Ryuuki Kensai, literally meaning the Rise of the Kensai (and so "Rise of Ability). We have two servers, one main recruiting and FFA/TFFA server (Run on JA+) and a basejka duel server.

Our main server is hosted by XFore Networks. I highly reccomend any and all people who look for server hosts to check XFore Networks out, they are -perfect.- JA+ Server: [COLOR=black]Base Duel server: [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]There are countless things to explain about , so I will explain the most important.[/COLOR] :: The Legions There are 2 Daimyo's (Legion leaders, and supreme commanders) that lead and direct their legions. Each legion is composed of a certain class of fighters. For instance, the archer legion will be composed of archers mainly, so on and so forth. I should add that there is a Dojo that allows new people to learn basic, intermediate and advanced techniques. Added to that, that yes, we are a very experienced clan. As stated above, we were formerly known as "Yakuza," and are now in full transition into the Samurai theme, and I should say that we are an absolute success. At the moment, the clan is composed of 35 members, and growing insanely every day. Our server is quite populated and we are always recruiting. The ranks -- I have elaborated, as a leader, about 16-17 ranks in my military system....: [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]

Directly from our forums [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]I| [color=orange]Recruit[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]Upon joining, the member will carry the "Recruit" rank until his activity is significant enough for him to be considered Pupil.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]II| [color=orange]Pupil[/color]

[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]After succesful recruitment, all new members are given the Pupil rank. They are appointed to a Master (They may ask for a Master or a Samurai or above may choose them) and begin training. They also, in addition to their peronnal Master training, train in whichever Dojo they join. They move on once the Daimyo or Council agrees to it. III| [color=orange]Gunjin[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]After sufficiently judged training, the Pupil is enrolled in the Army. While he is still a mere soldier, he begins taking experience and attend all Legion practices, meetings and tactical tests. They are the main force in each army.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]IV| [color=orange]Ashigaru[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]A common foot-soldier. Although at this point, the soldier can use a spear, they are mostly with swords most of the time.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]V| [color=orange]Ite Yokujin[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]A mid-class Samurai archer. From this point forth, the soldier is considered Samurai, and is a trusted man on the battle.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]VI| [color=orange]Samurai [/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]The medium-class rank of the clan. This rank is not attained easily, and is the result of long times of training and dedication.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]VII| [color=orange]Erinuki[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]As of this moment, the Samurai is considered an elite soldier. Very trusted by the legion, and extremely efficient in battle, this is an honorable rank to carry.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]VIII| [color=orange]Denkideki [/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]Literally meaning "legendary," this rank is given to the most proficient man on the battlefied, or to the man who has proven himself as the best sword-handler in the Daimyo's Legion.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]IX| [color=orange]Gunshin[/color] [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black]Literally "God of War" or "War Hero," this man has proven himself as nearly invicible in battle, and is considered the best fighter in the whole Shogunate.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black][/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white][COLOR=black][color=orange]Officers[/color][/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=white] [COLOR=black]X| [color=orange]Shoui[/color] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Literally a lieutenant, the Shoui commands a small platoon while in combat, while still being subbordinated to the Captain.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XI| [color=orange]Teicho[/color] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Literally meaning Captain, usually the superiour officer in battle, he commands the whole platoon unless a General is present.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XII| [color=orange]Ikusa Gensui[/color] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Literally meaning "War General," this man has proven to be an extemely efficient fighter, and battlemaster. He commands a platoon with the Daimyo. He is the Daimyo's right-hand, and is usually part of the Shogunate Council. They make the plans, tactics and what-not. The War General is the highest rank one can attain through military career. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XIII| [color=orange]Daimyo[/color] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Commander of an army and Land Lord. A class of military nobles, in direct vassalage to the shogun, each heading a domain over 100,000 koku (squared meters). Each Daimyo is ruler of a set land, and has his own Army that he commands. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XIV| [color=orange]Shogun[/color] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The Shogun was the military ruler of Japan during various periods, who whilst theoretically 'appointed' by the emperor, actually seized power via a military revolt, and used the emperor as a figurehead. Moreso, Shogun is short for “seii taishogun,” literally “Commander in Chief of the Expeditionary Forces Against the Barbarians”; title of the Head of the House of and military ruler of Japan.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black][hr][/COLOR] [COLOR=black][color=orange]Other ranks[/color][/COLOR] [COLOR=black][color=orange]:: Please note that one can only become Sensei (And continue on to become Kiyoshii and maybe even Shihan) once he is Erinuki or higher. One may ask to make his own Dojo. He must come forth towards the Council and make a formal request. Also, a Sensei stays Sensei (and continued to work for a Kiyoshii position) until he decides to continue on with his military career, after which he will reasume his old rank.[/color][/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XV| Sensei [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Usually working for a Shihan (Explained later), the Sensei is a very experienced man, having mastered the style he teaches. A Dojo can be composed of one to 3 Sensei's.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XVI| Kiyoshii [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Literally meaning "Advanced Teacher," this is the rank that is given to the most experiencd Sensei's in a Dojo. A Kiyoshii works for a Shihan.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]XVII| Shihan [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Various budo arts and organisations have different requirements for the usage of the title, but in general it is a high title that takes many years to achieve. It is sometimes associated with certain rights, such as the right to give out dan ranks in the name of the organisation. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]While westerners want to know specifically what makes a person into a shihan, the process of becoming a shihan can be pretty abstruse in Japan. For instance, within the Bujinkan it has been said that you become a shihan when the other shihan start calling you a shihan. However, it is often common to call all teachers with at least 10th dan a shihan - at least if he is Japanese. [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Similarly, within the aikido organisation Aikikai a Japanese teacher automatically became a shihan at sixth dan but it was long unclear whether westerners with the same rank also held the title. Finally, the Aikikai headquarters declared that westerners needed not only the rank of sixth dan but also a special appointment to become a shihan.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]He is the Leader and owner of the Dojo. The Shihan can give the Shihan rank to a Kiyoshii, and let him leave to make his own Dojo. The Kiyoshii doesn't HAVE to leave if he doesn't want to.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Note that the Hanshi is the Dojo owner. There may be two Hanshi's at the same time. However, if one wishes to make his Dojo, he MUST make an extremey detailed report of what and how he will teach in his Dojo. The Hanshi can request a promotion for a Sensei. He may also give Erinuki the option to become Sensei if the Erinuki asks.[/COLOR] [/COLOR]

I know that these are alot, and that's good as it keeps the members interested, aswell as giving them a goal to achieve, always. If you are interested in us, give us a try and join the forums+server(s), we'll be glad to assist you. Matsu4U =o[/COLOR][/COLOR]