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27th October 2005

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#21 13 years ago

I've recently downloaded a new internet connection, It's much faster, believe me. Also, I'm thinking of downloading some gigabytes to add them to my hard disk. But this is a distant plan. As yet I'll content myself with downloading an update to my Sound Blater's EAX. It will be 4.0!:naughty:


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3rd March 2004

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#22 13 years ago
KouenAnd the Least Knowledgeable Quote Of The Year Award goes to.... A server is a specialised type of computer designed for dedicated hosting. Whether it be for files like FileFront servers, or for hosting games like Jedi Academy and Counter-Strike. So unless you can download a computer, downloading a server is impossible. Here are several things you could have said that would have made sense: (Useful tips for the thread starter, too...) 1 - If you want a server, download the software which enables you to use your computer as a server. 2 - If you want a server, go out and buy one. or 3 - If you want a server, hire one from a company which rents out gameservers. Nice try at a valuable contribution though, it beats your "lol kick ass" post by a long shot. Legal Disclaimer: I, Kouen, apologise in advance for any offense taken from the contents of this article. It was published on these forums merely in the spirit of sarcasm and no attacks of any nature were intended. If you do feel offended, well, I can recommend a good psychologist... (DAMN! Did it again!) [/SARCASM]

Rofl, this post made my day.