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16th January 2007

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Hello, my name is Kaito I am one of the founders of the Jedi Academy clan XSA (or Xhosa). The other Founder is Ataro.

We have Seven members, and 3 applicants. Our homepage is Xhosa Homepage, and there is a link to the forums on there. Our server IP is

History: Ataro and I are Real life friends, so we play a lot together. We started playing in the JSU (Jedi Soldiers United) server, and we liked it. I applied, but it was talking a while for me to get in. JSU is a family, and it isn't skill based. After 5 months of waiting, I was a little tired, so Ataro and I decided to found our own clan, Xhosa. We copied a little of JSU's rules, but mostly we are independent (The copying was a base for us to get started off of).

Enemies/Allies: We have a couple of allies: Rogue and Destroyers (both of their sites and Server IP's are listed on our forums). As for Enemies, we aren't full honest to god enemies with JSU, its just that a couple of our members dislike some members in JSU. We still play and talk together.

The way we work: We are sorta like a family. For an applicant to get in, all of our members must know him well, and he/she must be active on the server/forums. Also, we aren't skill based (as shown by me). We are pretty lenient on most points.

Ranks: Recruit [Rr] Soldier [Ss] Commander [Cø] (ø is alt + 0248) Officer [Øø) (Ø is alt + 0216) Captian [Çç](ç is alt + 231) General [G] Consular [Ç] (Ç is alt + 0199) This is the highest point u can get to. Ataro and my ranks are going to be Strategos

Strategos [§]

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here or on the forums.