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About me My name is Darth Chronidus. I am a member of a clan called Hells Jedi Knights. I have been in 2 JK2/JKA clans including the Lin-Kuei and my current clan. I have tried to keep active on the JKa scene as much as possible. Recently i have been made Security Deputy in HJK and just today made Leader of the House of Malak as you can see from my siggy. Now i want to make this faction as successful as i am able to. I have good plans for HoM and i want my members to feal that they are a part of something great. My Request Most of the skins i use myself have come from jk3files. They have always been of high quality and i want that quality for my members too. I know there are some great skinners here and i wish to ask if they could take their time out a busy schedule to help me out. I have general idea's for what i require but will allow alot of freedom on the look of the skin. As long as they have some resemblance of rank and sith qualities within them, then its great. I would ask that the leader skin is roughly based on Malak to carry the whole theme of the faction. My Reason's My reasons for this request are quite simple. I want my members to have skins that will represent the House of Malak in matches. Also i want them to feel good in the skins they wear. In other words i want this faction to thrive. Hopefully with your help this aspect of the faction will be a great one. Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope you will consider my request. Please note: i will give the skin creator's the thanks and they will have their names mentioned if you wish when people ask about the skins. Again the House of Malak thanks you in advance. Contact Details: Email: [email="coldangel1983@aol.com"]coldangel1983@aol.com[/email]


I didn't make it!

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Bumping's a vague sign of impatience =\.

A skin is what you're asking for. Why don't you learn how to reskin? check the tutorials sticky, its pretty easy, especially what you're trying to do ~