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#1 11 years ago

Greetings, My name is MagSul, I am a frequant player of Star Wars; Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and I am also a big fan of the models and skins and such people here create to add to the game to make it worth playing more. I have loved plenty of the mods you people make and I have a request for one myself. I have seen Legolas models and bow & arrow mods, and I thought as scaling is possible in the JK3 world, Could someone please make a Hobbit Model? This may seem a strange request to make but it's something I'd love to see, a small Frodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin running around and a saber model of 'Sting' to go with it. If someone could please do this it would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch for reading :) I hope one of you excellant modders decides to give this a shot, Cya :cya:


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24th November 2006

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got any reference pictures?