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13th February 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Something has been bugging me for quite sometime now and after some intial tampering(and re-installations) i really wanna know how to put certain characters into singleplayer.i kind of worked this out on Outcast, but that involved overwriting files, and if i do that then the game crashes. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Ive been attempting to learn without harassing anyone, but i cant take it anymore!!!!

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5th November 2006

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#2 12 years ago
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Okay this is asked a lot around the forums so lets begin shall we? Assumptions : You know how to edit .skins if not look around and ask at forums. You understand packscape. Also it would help if you turned extension on. Go to a any folder select tools and go to folder options and check the box that says "View Extensions". Step 1 : Alright you choose your model. Step 2 : Delete all team color files Ex: "Torso_red.jpg", that includes "Model_red.glm &" (don't forget blue either.) Step 3 : Open the "" with wordpad. Step 4 : This is the tricky part. Repace all model/players/ lines to models/players/jedi_demo Example : hips,models/players/alora/alora_legs.tga will be changed to this hips,models/players/jedi_demo/alora_legs.tga. Do this for every line EXCEPT Lines that have stormtrooper/caps. Step 5 : When done save. Then Rename the "" to "" then copy it to a separate folder. Then rename "" to "" and copy it to a seperate folder. Finally rename "" to "" and copy to a seperate folder. ********************************************************* Added Jan 21 2004 For this part we will set up the file needed to tell the game there is another race or character. This file is known as the MENUS.str file click here to download the file. Step 6 : Open up MENUS.str with notepad or wordpad, whichever you prefer. Step 7 : Now I was nice I typed a little bit for you Notice The following Text On MENUS.str : REFERENCE NOTES Lang_ENGLISH What you will do is change that to the following on MENUS.STR REFERENCE Jedi_Demo NOTES "For character menu" Lang_ENGLISH "Demonstration" Make sure you lined up with the other references so it would look like this REFERENCE Jedi_Demo NOTES "For character menu" Lang_ENGLISH "Demonstration" REFERENCE JEDI_HF NOTES "For character menu" LANG_ENGLISH "Human Female Save and you're done with the MENUS.str! ***************************************************** Added Jan 22 2004 Now we will setup the pk3 Step 8 : Open packscape and make a click File/new Step 9: Make a folder called "models" Step 10 : Inside models folder make a folder called "players" Step11 : Inside players folder make a folder called "jedi_demo" Step 12 : Drag all jpgs, bmps, the model.glm, the head lower & torso_a1.skins into the "jedi_demo" folder Step 13: In order to make an image appear for Species Selection make rename the "icon_default.jpg" file to "icon_head_a1.jpg" then drag into the jedi_demo folder. rename the file to "icon_lower_a1.jpg" drag to the jedi_demo folder and "" drag that file to the jedi_demo folder. Also drag a file called thumbs.db which you can get here. You must also drag a playerchoice.txt to the folder which you can get here. Finally drag the sounds.cfg file which you can get here. Step 14 : Go back to the root directory (the one with the models folder). Step 15 : Make a folder called "strings" Step 16 : Inside the strings folder make a folder called "English" Step 17 : Inside the English folder drag the MENUS.str into the folder Step 18 : Click File, Save As... select a name and pick file type "pk3" packscape will then compress the folders into a pk3. Complete! You should now be done. Put the pk3 in gamedata/base folder and launch a New Single player game and browse through the species. If you did everything correct you should end up with something like this : pic1.jpg
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Limits: Yes sadly there are limits. When I say model I mean of the same "model.glm" You can add custom skins available to the same model meaning you put it in another folder. DO NOT PUT MORE THAN 1 "model.glm" Assumptions, You succeeded in the first tutorial. (There will be a couple of references that will be made.) Alright this is ridiculously simple and I will try and sum it in 10 steps or less. Also use the mod you made before so it's less confusing. So that means we will use "jedi_demo". You may want a back up incase there is a mistake you made. I suggest you use the Red team color. Step 1 : This is the funnest and most simplest part. Drag all the red team color jpegs into the "jedi_demo" folder. Step 2 : Now open the "" with wordpad (I'm not exactly sure thats the name but you'll see it.) Once again replace all the models/players//torso_red.jpg to model/players/jedi_demo/torso_red Example : "torso, models/players/kyle/kyle_torso red" to "torso, models/players/jedi_demo/kyle_torso red" Understand? Step 3 : Click save as and set filename to "" noticed it is no longer "a1". That really is the trick. change a1 to b1 and for blue make it c1. Step 4 : Remember to make a "" and "" Step 5 : Confused? Then read it again. Step 6 : Success! You can have as many as you want up to "z1" (thats 26) Step 7 : Remember to rename the icon file from "icon_red" to "icon_head_b1" then drag it to the "jedi_demo". repeat with "icon_lower_b1" and "icon_torso_b1" You can now have multiple of the same model. pic1.jpgpic4.jpg

(Not my tutorial - taken from the Master Sticky) :sheep:

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