amasing skin request's (may need modlers also) -1 reply

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lamers be ware im waching u

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5th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hey im Jason wuzup all?ok never asked for a skin bu i would like some skins from the anamay bubblegub crisis tokyo 2040 particuly the 4 knight sabers alltho i would allso like some of the outher main charicters dooing also if your interested i got loads of pics here is a list of the names that i would like (if u just want to see do a picture search in google ther r loads or if u can wait e-mail me @ [email=""][/email] or you could post here. annyway list priss lena sylia nene priss in hard suit lena in hard suit sylia in hard suit nene in hard suit maky nigel leon mason henderson thats the list the main 1se i would like dooing is the hard suit ones i was tiold that they would require some moddling tho but if annone can do them for me id be verry grateful the outhers r just normal skins and dont have anny sticking out parts. contact me or post