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#1 8 years ago

how do i know which attacking animation codes go with which saber style? can someone help me with that? i'm working on a full scale mod and i need that info :O


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18th December 2009

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#2 8 years ago

There's some logical organization to the naming of the animations, but I can't recall what it is off the top of my head. Though I do remember that if it's a directional attack, it will have some indication of the direction of the attack in the name. For instance, BL_TR means it's an attack that goes from bottom left to top right.

To view each specific animation though, you can use ModView. Just load a playermodel and click the '+' tab next to the model name (probably just model.glm), then do the same with the tab next to 'sequences.' Then you can watch each animation.

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#3 8 years ago

A1 is fast, A2 is medium, A3 is strong, A4 is Desann, A5 is Tavion, A6 is dual and A7 is staff. The B# and D# are simply one or two frames from the beginning or end, don't know why the game needs 'em or uses 'em. And yes, as Stevenus said, the directions are marked.


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#4 8 years ago

Gun fires are similarly labeled. Something like weapon_ready1-4. The idle is the stance.