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#11 6 years ago

I say, why give a shit? It's illegal? So is downloading music and videos, people still do it. Why give a shit? Why not rip some of these awesome, and accurate models, to create an awesome and new experience for JKA?



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8th November 2005

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#12 6 years ago

Mikouen;5682810I'd suggest forgetting that site ever existed.

This isn't really an opinion on ripping and porting, but more of a practical thing.

You'll waste far more time and effort butchering those things into a proper form, and then rigging them to a skeleton they weren't built for, and then dealing with the myriad of bugs and deformities than you would if you simply made your own models.

Seriously, check out Polycount if you're interested in doing stuff with 3D art.

Sure you can't be a tweeny asshat there like people usually are in most gaming communities, but accept the criticisms and advice for what they are and that community can hone you into a top class artist.

Trying to get results without putting in the work just results in a mod community dying faster, because there's no one around with the skillsets to support it. This barren dump is ample proof of that, I think.


I'd also like to note that adding in ported models does not make "an awesome and new experience for JKA".

Disclaimer: Personal opinions still not endorsed by Ryojin.


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#13 6 years ago

I was going to repaint my room, now I think I'll just steal someone's walls instead.


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#14 6 years ago

People illegally download music. You don't then go and talk about how you illegally downloaded Kelly Clarkson's latest album on her official forum without a ton of hate. I guess the discussion doesn't really need to continue - the people here that *could* get the ported stuff JKA-ified won't.

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#15 6 years ago

4264 free 3d models at absolutely no cost. Some of the 3d models, scenes and graphics in this website are copyrighted to their rightful owners. You can use the free 3d models in your projects, but you aren't allowed to redistribute or sale/resale. You are free to use these models in generating games, animations, multimedia, printed graphics, web graphics and others. However you are prohibited to resell, create your own license to give away these 3d models individually or as part of collection or bundle to get profit. This website is a free exchange website for all different formats of 3d models. We encourage 3d artists and modellers to submit their 3d work and show your collection to millions other. Help us grow by sharing your free 3d model and we'll help you get noticed by adding link to your website.

Copy/pasted from the website, just because you can download those models and put them into JA you CANNOT redistribute them, every site that hosts JA mods WILL reject them. We already went through this years ago with this entire site nearly being shut down by Lucas Arts for the hosting of ported KotOR content.

If you want that model in game you must DO IT YOURSELF AND KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF. As simple as that, if you are too lazy to learn then you're SOL.

Don't care to listen to the "I can't" speech because I can model, animate, rig, sculpt and somewhat texture with NO formal teaching, I'm google taught.

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