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#11 10 years ago

Inyri Forge;5255318There should be a function (either in shader or efx, not sure) which causes a texture to always face the player. This would solve that problem. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly what it is so you'd have to look into it, but I was under the impression that was how the lightsabers worked.[/QUOTE] Particle effects always face the player, so it's taken care of already. (The shader parameter you're thinking of is "Surfaceparm Autosprite", by the way.)

[QUOTE=The One and Only;5256075]Just use a range of possible velocities, for example: 100 -40 -40 120 40 40 (minimum x, minimum y, minimum z, maximum x, maximum y, maximum z) would make them all shoot forwards between 100 - 120 units/second, and out in all directions at up to 40 units/second.

I'd suggest also giving them a range of values for the origin as well.

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