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#1 8 years ago

hey there =) im trying to make the below model work for sp in jka as far as i can tell it is set up right but still wont seem to work.. so im thinking i am doing something wrong but i dont know what. if someone could take a look and perhaps let me know what im doing wrong i would be very appreciative

file is just bellow here

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#2 8 years ago

Well for starters it's missing the "model_default.skn" which assigns textures to parts of the model. Just edit one from the other characters.

Do you get any error messages in the console?


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#3 8 years ago

A few things that I've noticed...

1) "Open Pakscape and open "assets0.pk3". Extract "MENUS.str" to any folder. Add a new entry to MENUS.str to reflect the skin you want to use. If the folder of your skin is "bob_skin", your entry will look like this:

REFERENCE BOB_SKIN NOTES "For character menu" LANG_ENGLISH "Bob's Skin"

Reference is the folder name of your skin, notes you don't need to worry about, and LANG_ENGLISH is the title that will come up on the menu.

NOTE: While I'm not completely sure of this, I believe that the menu will only recognize the strings of the first MENUS.str you put in your base folder. In my experience, after subsequent modifications the strings will not appear. The mod, however, will work just fine." - Inyri Forge's MP to SP conversion Tutorial

2) Your skin files are kinda weird. The torso ones seem to select a torso and leg pairing, the head and leg ones seem to select an entire body. I'm not sure if this matters but it is a little odd. Also, there's a part called "torso_cuiras" and I'm pretty sure that, spelt correctly, it's "cuirass" but it might be a spelling error made by the modeller and therefore necessary in the skin files - if you try to put a texture on a part of the model that the game can't identify, it gets unhappy.

3) Not entirely related, but still important... I don't see a Hoth fix!

"Make sure you have already followed the tutorial for getting a single-player skin or model in the custom menu.

Copy your torso and lower .skin files, renaming them "" and "". Please note that these names must be exact. The game is programmed to look for these two skin files for the hoth clothing, and if there's a way to circumvent that I haven't found it yet. I haven't looked, however, because renaming them e1 and g1 isn't that complicated. Open up your skin's PK3 (the one you made in the last tutorial) and add these two .skin files to your skin's folder.

Save and play! This should fix the problem of having the models come up mangled during the Hoth levels." - Inryi's tutorial.


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#4 8 years ago

thanks for the replys.

did all of what you said jonny. but it didn't work. still does not show up in the sp species selection (my base is empty) and the person (no idea who did :p) who made the model just spelled that bit wrong lol and the skin files select the entire model since it doest have any other skins to switch too atm. (i plan to reskin the entire model once get it working :p)

@ darth shiftee nope no errors in the console it just doesn't show up actually used your sith stalker set up as a start renamed all the files and the folder didn't work so i split it up into two folders to see if that worked didn't work either lol also yeah i added the default skin file in now :p forgot to put it in before i uploaded the file lol. (doest work with or without it tho)