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7th January 2007

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#1 6 years ago

I've been working on a Blood drive remake which I plan to add to Gunslinger's Academy once I finish it

Currently, the basic geometry of the map is made, most of the textures are temporary (you may recognize some of them from Pande's spectacular map Disassembly, but I assure you that they're temporary)

There's currently two final textures in place (the roof tiles from the storm drain and the stone tile at the sides of the two hospitals.

I dislike direct carbon copies from one game to another, so to differentiate this map from Gears 2/3 I'm going to have it raining and a mix + additions as I see fit from the two official versions of the map.

WIP Screenshots - 1/5/12

Spoiler: Show
blood_drive.jpg Blood_drive2.jpg

There's plenty more detail and work to be put into this map, so any suggestions or comments are welcome and strongly suggested :D