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2nd July 2005

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#1 12 years ago

I've managed to create bots that will not use a Lightsaber at all, even some of my bots only use their hands, no weapons or sabers, but somehow an ordinary bot, with no force at all seems impossible.

I've notice that bots who are identified as light-side with the 7-1-....... will still use Force Pull no matter what. For example, Ugnaught as only force jump to one. His files reads like this: forceinfo 7-1-010000000000000000

Althought in the file it says he's only got force jump to 1, the bot will not use force jump but will use force pull... even if i remove the 1 he'll still use force pull. But if I change force jump to force heal, he'll use heal instead of pull. Pull is always there no matter what. Dark force bots seem to use lightning instead of pull when you only put 1 point in jump (See - Stormtrooper). Can anybody confirm. Is this a bug, a fluke? Is a non-force bot possible? Am I forgetting something?

I've got a bad feeling about this...