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12th January 2005

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#1 16 years ago

Hey everyone! Just wanted to explain my idea for a small sp mod and see if a couple of people who know what there doing want to join the boat:D The level will be from "return of the jedi - jabba palace" You will be able to play as lando, luke and possibly leia or han. The sp levels wont just be in jabba's palace but includes getting there, inside and on the sail barge (with sarlacc pit) -I'm afraid the mappers positions are already taken but if someone could make a sand people camp (bit like the one in kotor but bigger and made out of stone) then that'd be appreciated. -What would greatly help is if some one could model a mask for lando and a vibro blade (or whatever he has) -Also a sarlacc with some repeated animation would be cool, Bib Fortuna and a gormorean. And i am dedicated to this project so i wont just drop out half way through (promise) I await the communities response...smilie.gif