Can clothes flow in jka? -1 reply

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Jose Carlos

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29th March 2006

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#21 9 years ago
AuthuranWhy even put Havok in JKA anyways? It would be completely unnecessary.

Because it would make things fly around at almost escape velocity when something goes boom! How is that not awesome?

Now, I may be completely wrong here (cause I don't really care enough to do any actual research), but the idea of Havok is to save programmers the time and effort of coding their very own physics engine and providing them with a pre-made one that simply needs to be hooked into the rest of the code, in a way that actually makes them play nice with each other. While the task is still all but simple, it makes the coder's work a whole lot easier.

As for cloth physics and JA... Every single model that has any loose pieces of cloth would have to be recompiled in a completely new manner. Right now, every cape, every scarf, every longcoat is weighed to the skeleton. If you try to apply a cloth sim to that, well, nothing will happen.


Queef Richards

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2nd October 2005

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#22 9 years ago

Indeed. You would somehow have to find a way to apply JA's preexisting physics engine with my cloth idea to the model. Good luck. lol.


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23rd July 2009

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#23 9 years ago

This was discussed some time back, the closest you can get to cloth sim is animations or an idea i suggested but never tested which would be to make an effect .efx file of the cloth and attach that to the character model.