Can you tell me how tu put skins -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

Well, I have some skins and i want to put in my game.

but i dont know the name what i have to put.For example

i have a skin called anakin.pk3

and i put this file in Gamedata/base/anakin.pk3

Later i put the game but the anakin.pk3 didnĀ“t appear

How i can install the skin?????? :bawl::bawl::bawl::bawl::deal:

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#2 10 years ago

1. What version of the game are you playing with? If you haven't install this (Jedi Knight Academy Patch 1.01), Then I suggest installing it. 2. Where are you looking for the mod in the menus? Are you looking under mods (cause a model nor a skin will show up there)? Are you looking under Profile (skin and models should show up there)?



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#3 10 years ago

Also ensure you are putting it in the folder on your hard drive, not the compact disk.