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27th December 2002

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#1 16 years ago


I have seen in many PK3s (including the assets#.pk3) where there are some CFG files at the root of the .pk3. I was wondering a lot of things about those, however I am beginning to guess at some things behind them.

Question 1:

My Mod involves a short set (approx 10) of CVARS defined in an external .cfg files using the seta command, so that that are preserved in the jaconfig.cfg and jampconfig.cfg files. This is important and extremely helpful, however I am worried about how "easy" the usage of the mod will be because of it. Can I thus:

-Put the .cfg file in the .pk3 file for my mod, and exectue it internally? -If possible how do I use the .cfg once archived as part of the .pk3?

Question 2:

If I cannot do the proposed idea in Question 1, then what exactly are those .cfg files found in assets#.pk3 files for?


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13th March 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Are you talking about the "default.cfg", "high.cfg" and all the cfg inside the "assets2.pk3"? The "default.cfg" and mpdefault.cfg" are the commands binding defaults, and the "high.cfg", "low.cfg", and "med.cfg" looks like they're graphic details settings. If you change the "default.cfg" and "mpdefault.cfg" once you start jka (for the first time, or when you don't have any "jaconfig.cfg"\"jampconfig.cfg"), they'll be automatically executed. But I absolutely have no Idea about what will happen if you try to change a control in the command menu (which involve the "spawn" of a new jaconfig.cfg"). You should try...