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21st September 2004

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#21 12 years ago

Mod, can you please add this post to the one I previously made? Thanks! xD

Okie! I got it! I know how to make the weapon projectiles go faster! Heres what I did:

  • Download Xmod Server + Client
  • Installed Both
  • Run Jedi Academy
  • Loaded up Xmod in the Mods option
  • Hosted a LAN game (With Bots)
  • Now, I opened up the console
  • And typed: "/x" (This will show you all the options for /x
  • Now that it shows you the options, you can type /set and edit
  • Example: /set x_Repeater_Velocity 8000

Now you can edit your weapon projectile speeds! Gratz to me! ^^ :bows:

I chose the speed of 8000 for all of them because its more realistic. And it saves what you have set, so when you load up Xmod and host, it will load your settings you previously set, so you dont have to type them all out again. Have fun!! (I know i will)

PS: If you change all the weapon speeds to 8000, it makes the game harder if you play with the bots. I couldn't even capture one flag without my saber! :bawl: But the saber makes it easier kinda.. Good Luck!! :beer: