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6th July 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Mod Name: [COLOR=darkgreen]X-Men Cold Equation[/COLOR] Mod Leader's Name: Admiral Krause Contact Information: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Mod's Website/Forums: Mod Type: [COLOR=blue]singleplayer with co-operative and mutiplayer maps.[/COLOR] Complete but brief description of the mod: [COLOR=red]when people think of X-Men most people think of the lame cartoon however this mod is far different. you can check out our storyline on the forums.[/COLOR] Current Status: [COLOR=red]Running. At about 10% Progress[/COLOR] Team Members: [COLOR=red]4[/COLOR] Recruiting: [COLOR=red]yes[/COLOR] If yes, what type of modders are you looking for?: [COLOR=red]Mappers, Modelers, Skinners, Concept Artists, Effects Specialists and Also Voice Actors.[/COLOR] no need for coders since SP has no SDK

I made a small trailer:

[COLOR=sienna]Also any feedback on the trailer or mod would be appreciated[/COLOR] If you are interested or want to help us post here, on our forums or PM me.

Hope to find some help, Slusk