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10th July 2008

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#1 9 years ago

Are you tired of seeing your swords digging into your back when your not using them? well so am i, which is why i need some help with a mod im attempting tags control where objects go in the game, so i located the tag on the back, which is also where the swords go when deactivated, and i turned it, my theory is that the swords will lay flat on the users back if this is done, 1 problem is idk how to make the skeleton replace the old 1 does anybody know how i can do this?


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15th January 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Not sure about JA+, but aside of that, there's just two kinds of holstering in JKA, both stemming from OJP.

The first kind needs properly named tags (bolt_holster_weaponname) added to the actual model, and with this kind, you'd need to re-weight the model to change anything about the tag. Check the master sticky about weighting/rigging if you're determined enough.

The second kind adds the holstering tags depending on an existing bolt via code. In this case, just find the right .cfg inside the models folder or at /models/players/ and edit it to your hearts content with Notepad.