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7th November 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Fox here with more business :deal:

Since I am learning how to model, but still can't model worth anything, I am unfortunately unable to fill my own request, otherwise there would be no purpose for this thread

I, therefore, request that a model (a reskin of Cloud just won't do, Dart's too different from Cloud) of Dart Feld, from the Legend of Dragoon, be made. I am sorry that I could not get many reference pictures, as there aren't many reference pictures on the internet to begin with.

Despite these references being wallpapers and such, they are decent references because you can actually see Dart himself. The last 4 I went and took myself, because there were no shots of Dart's sides, and such. That, and it explains the AdriPSX window I have running (I got the pictures off of a Official Playstation Magazine demo of Legend of Dragoon). The rest are pictures of him I had to gather from various sites on the internet:

Spoiler: Show

Again, I'm only requesting that Dart himself be made. If anybody wants to tackle his Dragoon form, feel free.

Motive? Dart would be, if Final Fantasy and Legend of Dragoon ever crossover'd, Cloud's rival. They look similar, but their games are rather different. I feel that adding Mr. Feld to the roster of crossover characters would be a rather bit nice. SOMEONE has to play the Final Fantasy rival after all.

Of course, don't expect to go it alone. I'll pitch in by doing what I can.

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7th November 2005

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#2 11 years ago

legend of the dragoon god i loved that game more so than most finnal fantisys i myself would love to see Dart made especily his dragoon form but sadly i think this is going to go apoun deff ears unless something surpriseing hapons