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#1 11 years ago

Alright, now to sum up things in short (which are then followed by a lengthy explanation):

A friend of mine and I are in dire need of 1/10 of a scale X-Wings and Tie-Fighters. .....

I have been building a Deathstar 2 map including the tunnels and the core for about four months when I eventually hit radiant's engine limits (something inevitable at that size). By using a standard size X-Wing as size reference, I managed to blow any tolerable loading time and pretty much killed the fun in mapping aswell. To give you mappers and non-mappers an impression of the size I was forced to use, here are some reference values (for non-mappers, Gtk Radiant measures 131.072 units on all three axes, the taspir ffa map is about 7000 x 7000 x 5500): An average tunnel segment was about 20.000 map units long, the entire tunnel length of all segments combined would have been somewhere around 80.000 map units. Adding the core part to this, which was close to 60.000 map units in diameter, we come to 140.000 map units. There seems to be an inherent problem to this, right? So I had to break the vent down in a sort of modular way, connecting the parts with teleporters, but still it just wouldn't fit when the outer deathstar hull was created, and the size related problems just never seemed to come to any end. The project was therefore stopped in, let's say, pre-gamma stage or even lower, and I never resumed work on it. Some textures weren't done, gameplay was not tested, parts were missing, and so on. That was about a year ago, and now I had an idea (seemingly brilliant at first) that could get it running again. WHAT IF, I used small fighter models? Now I know there are the minities, but even they are too "big" for the project, about 1/5 of the size (plus they lack an X-Wing). So, what would a set of miniature fighters with one tenth of the scale do? Pretty much the be solution to most problems, one may think!

1. Reducing the fighter size makes it possible to reduce the map size by the same factor, thus increasing performance and (by adjusting the vehicle view) still giving the illusion of that huge vent and generator core you are flying in. 2. 1/10 of the size equals 1/100 of the surface count/area size, minimizing loading time. 3. The mapping effort would drop, compile time and light calculations would be way faster, and the overall the editing would be way more convenient.

So, thrilled by the prospect of eventually finishing it, I started searching for modelling programs, tutorials, root files and all the other fancy stuff I had never used or heard of (I'm still new to modelling, you know!). Little did I know that after now 3 weeks, I still hadn't come closer to my target. Long Story short: I tried Milkshape, gmax and settled with XSI Mod Tool after a while, read through several tutorials, got the Root XSI files by Raven, and finally even managed to reduce the size to one tenth of the original. And then!! Whenever I tried editing more or exporting anything, my PC crashed for no apparent reason. I could not find a solution nor could this fancy new thing called "Interweb" give me an answer. I read some further tutorials though, and came to the conclusion that maybe I wouldn't even be able to make a small model with a working XSI Mod Tool. The complexity of the process overloads my brain, apparently.

Now, first of all If you have read through this, congratulations for your endurance!

Secondly, to prove my story and to reward you , here is a collection of links to some in-game screenshots of the unfinished work from a year ago (Keep in my mind, the map was far from being release-ready). Most textures and some structures created by a friend of mine, main work on structures and rather simple textures done by the guy writing this:

Left entrance: Imageshack - entrance1 Right entrance: Imageshack - entrance2 Middle Tunnel 1: Imageshack - middle1e Middle Tunnel 2: Imageshack - middle2 Last Tunnel: Imageshack - end1oqm Core Runup: Imageshack - end2 Core: Imageshack - core1

And thirdly, I only do this as a last resort because I ultimately failed at it, If there is anyone willing and/or able to modify the Raven software Tie-Fighter and X-Wing so they are perfectly 1/10 of the scale, please leave a reply [I do not like the thought of others material being messed around with, I think it's the only way though]. But If this is too huge an effort however, I do not dare to ask anyone for it. Thanks in advance!