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#1 13 years ago

Hey well, ive been starting work on the tsviets weapons for Dirge of Cerberus, mainly shelkes EM batons so far. Ill post some screens once i get max on this computer (just got a new one), basically though, as much as i can model i suck at texturing(and uv mapping for that matter, gir spent a week tryign to teach me and i still cant do it well), so this is basically a heads up that when ive done ill be asking for a texturer and or someone who can UV map. so im just giving warning so that anyone whos interested can think it over and decide if they want to help or not...on a side note is anyone working on models of the Tsviets? a shelke model would be awesome(subliminal messaging for someone to offer services here :P) anyhow im rambling a bit so ill go finish dling max and get some screenies...

btw, anyone who knows me would know me as Ferrus, for some reason i cant log in to that account so i had to make a new one.



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7th October 2006

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#2 13 years ago

Hmm...maybe I should chime in here, considering I'm working on something somewhat related to DoC, right? Well, I'm no good at texturing, but UV mapping isn't tremendously difficult for weapons, at least in my opinion. I'm terrible at mapping people, but stuff, stuff I can do. GMAX is actually good for weapons, and that's what I use anyway, and at times it can get tricky. It took me a while to learn UV Mapping myself. As far as further DoC models, I'd love to do it, but RL issues do not permit me such novelty (not to mention other projects on hold until Vincent is done), and as it stands I'm not very good at modding. Still, maybe there are some here who could give you a hand at making one yourself. If you do decide to character model, XSI Mod Tool is good stuff all around because its free and can rig a model. Don't know if that's helpful, but I'm willing to help you with the mapping as I've had so many people here help me out, so I think its time I pay my dues with what little knowledge I have. Once you get some screens up I'm sure others will help as well. Cheers!