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#1 16 years ago

Version 1.1 has been submitted to JK3Files.com. In the interval between now and when it gets publicly posted you can grab it at the temporary links shown at http://duelers.jk3files.com/html/get-it.htm.

Lots of updates -- see the documentation for full details.

Duelers 1.1

- Grapples are available! - Jetpacks are available! - Advanced Ban capabilities to make it easier to ban players and to manage a large list of banned players simultaneously. - Enhanced Time out support to reap players to spectator status quickly if they are AFK. - Complete voting control for server admins and extensions to allow server admins to create completely custom votes. Allow your clients to control more features! - User Interface Menus updated to allow Duelers control configuration, custom votes and to search for Duelers Games - Crosshair and scoreboards show dueling partners - Jedi Council Force power rank is available - two new user commands "motd" and "showadmin" - kicking and saber throws enabled for all stances - improved saber collision and damage consistency