E.M.P Turret for maps and e.m.p wepon -1 reply

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7th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

ok i thought of a missile Ground to air missile that destroys vehicles

k here it is

i was thinking if it was a missile pod look or a star wars look

but anyway

see i was thinking if it hits your ship (its heatseeking or it blows up when out of range)a huge electrical field that is the size of the biggest ship like a lambda shuttle and it just freez's your ship in the air and blows u up inside the feild

i think its a mad idea

o and u know the matrix Gun e.m.p well i think some 1 should make into the concussion missile

BUT serously picture that in ya mind , some n00b in a n1 a really fast ship just flying slaughtering and laming people

then u just shoot the emp and BOOM he is gone

or if its to big of a wepon the e.m.p turret just make it take away half of the ships hp andthe missiles r the x wing missile skin but has a different explosion , but it doesnt change x wing missiles but like i was saying u should take half hp away and slow the ship down EXTREMLY SLOW to its slowest then they just start to drop like the tie fighter does when u r going too slow

i recon its a mad idea

lets get some volounteers down here comeon ud b famous ! :bows:


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30th November 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Code modding, I know it. that would be th eonly way to get this to work.