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#1 13 years ago

so i made a thread about this earlier...but its expired so i had to make this new one. Annnyywayyyssss i finally figured out how to edit sound radius. ironicly i stumbled onto this while trying to figure out how to get shaders working. :p Ok so i will teach u. I hope there isnt another tutorial hidden away on the master sticky or somethin. :uhoh: ok so: -First, you open up GtkRadiant. -Next make a Target_speaker entity by left clicking the grid area and selecting it from the Target selection. -Then, while having the Target speaker entity selected, you open up the options menu by pressing yer n button. -Inside have the following settin's entered: stuff2enter.jpg Dont forget to have your Looped option checked off, as seen above -Ok so now u got yer speaker set up, compile the map, and make a new file w/ pakscape. -Put your bsp. in a maps folder, your shaders in ur shadrs folder, ect.. -now make a new folder called sounds -now make a new txt. file in wordpad or notepad, and write this inside of it: ;********************* ;mymusic ;********************* localSet mymusic timeBetweenWaves 0 0 loopedWave ambience/prototype/mymusic volRange 254 255 radius 500 -save dis as Sound.txt -now put the sound.txt file in your Sound folder - now notice the path that i made you type in the txt. file (loopedWave ambience/prototype/mymusic). This is telling Ja that your soundset file is located in sound/ambience/prototype. so now inside of your sound folder, make another folder called ambience, and inside of that make a prototype folder. -ok now we're almost done. now you need a music file to put into your prototype folder. - encode as a wav. file. for example the sound i put in my map has:

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Bit rate: 705 kbs audio sample size: 16 bit Channels: 1 (mono) audio sample rate: 44kHz pcm audio format

-once you got that worked out, copy and paste your wav. file into your sound/ambience/prototype place.. -save as pk3. and now you are ready to check it out :naughty:. now i really burned thru this tut fast, so if i've lost ya, heres what your pk3 dir should look like: dir.jpg Ph34r my art skillz btw. :nodding: so now if you have that annoying problem of sounds spilling out into other rooms, all you need to do is experiment with different radius values. if you want to see how raven did their sounds so pro, open up their sound.txt which is found in assets0.pk3 :smokin: hope this helps everyone :lookaround:

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#2 13 years ago

Interesting :)