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19th October 2007

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#1 11 years ago

[Posted in this section due to relevance to modding]

Hello friends and acquaintances,

Today I am posting to draw attention to an unfortunate incident that has recently occurred in the community. As many of you may know, I am a person who always tries to be helpful to others when a question is asked or a problem posed on which I have knowledge, and out of only my desire to keep JKA alive I have frequently extended my help to clans and provided them with customized clan map mods. All of this I do for free without expecting anything in return because my only desire is to contribute to the JKA community and help it continue to flourish as it slowly approaches its potentially final days. I have created these custom map mods for at least 10 clans already, and the offer still stands for others.

However, recently a disturbing incident has occurred with one of the clans I chose to assist, a clan named Elite Fighters of the Force, or EFF for short. It seems their leader, a player named Apophis, has modified the map I provided for them in spite of an explicitly stated term of use mentioned in both a readme file provided with the pk3 and in comments left within the map entities data that clearly and specifically stated that the map was not to be modified without my permission. Now normally I would let even this slide, because the modifications made were quite insignificant, but the main problem I have is that these modifications removed all instances of my name from the map, and subsequently Apophis has begun to spread a lie that it was he who created the map and not me. This of course, constitutes plagiarism.

Before coming here, I attempted to reach a quiet agreement with Apophis by simply asking that the modified map be removed from the EFF clan server, and that he simply ask me in advance for permission to modify the map. I would have granted such permission and given my consent for him to freely edit any functional element of the map, as indeed I have done for others in the past. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to handle this matter privately and civilly, Apophis has refused to remove the modified map or replace the elements of it that once bore my name as author.

Thus, I am posting here, not to garner sympathy, but rather to promote awareness. Just like a modeler might feel wronged by having his or her model stolen or ported and someone else taking the credit, so too do I feel about having a map mod in which I invested hours of hard work being modified to make it seem as though it was not I who created it. But more importantly than simply my feelings is the fact that the JKA community is small enough as it is, and people who go around performing such misdeeds and spreading lies will do nothing but fragment and destroy it.

To this end, I present below all known information about the EFF clan and Apophis so that other modders in JKA will know to keep away from this person, and players of JKA will steer clear of the clan lead by a disrespectful liar.

Clan website: eff-clan.tk Leader: Apophis Xfire username: fireyugo Clan server:

I hope that this will help others who might otherwise have their kindness abused, and I would encourage anyone else who has ever been a victim of theft or plagiarism by any person to make their case known so that the community will not be further damaged by these miscreants.

With respect, Seto, aka T-RCX


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9th November 2008

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#2 11 years ago

thanks for the heads up, i do understand taking something without permission sucks, modifing it and saying it is all yours and nobody else but you did it, this is unacceptable. Just hope for you things will fix up in the furture. and also hope this incdident wont stop you from making much more amazing maps. continue the work and dont be discouraged by this. Keep up the good work :D


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#3 11 years ago

i know how you feel man..... i dont think you have to worry bout EFF its mainly a noob/starter clan. btw whats your xfire?