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27th December 2002

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#1 10 years ago


I think I know where the items are drawn in the cg_*.c source files, but i'm trying to locate or figure our when a saber is lying on the ground when or how it is drawn.

My saber throw code bounces the saber off objects according to half-bounce physics, which can be sometimes very hard to follow. So, i know it's s.eType is ET_MISSILE (when it is "knocked down", in the air it is ET_GENERAL), so i figured CG_Missile(centity_t * cent) is what is drawing it, but what I want is to draw a force_sight aura around it when the player's force_sight is on, to sort of help them find it.

However, I have no clue (yet) how to affect the rendering of an object. I mean, i found that if you don't set an item (medpack, dropped weapon etc) to ET_ITEM it doesn't render you get the wonderful red-green-blue tri-axis. So, a point in the right direction on how I would add an aura such as the one we see hovering around the players when force sight is active would be helpful.