EisenMeteor the First Form of Ten Commandents Sword from Rave Master -1 reply

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25th January 2009

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#1 9 years ago

well first thing yal probably don't know what Rave Master is but I actually think its a really cool show. I'm currently working on making the EisenMeteor sword the 1st and original form of the Ten Commandments sword. I'm using milkshape to work on it and so far I got a little bit done on it. Here are a couple links for the picture of EisenMeteor. Oh and by the way, I am sort of having some problems with adding some stuff onto the sword. If anyone that can add some stuff for the handle and the blade I would really appreciate it if you help me out with this. =D eisenmeteor.jpg picture by kpoc758 - Photobucket http://www.freewebs.com/venom333/Eisenmeteorcol.GIF