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#1 10 years ago

This might be a common error, but how the shmock should i know. When I have done everything completely as my tutorial says. But still, when i am trying to compile my XSIfile with Carcass running Assimilate, I see Carcass popping up and then this error pops up:

"Error creating file Models/players/car/animation.cfg."

I wonder if the animation is necessary for a model, or can i dump it? If i can dump it, just tell it and i dont need help. In the tutorial, it says that it is neccesary. And i think it is but, well how do i get the error away.

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#2 10 years ago

The CFG is necessary, but having animations is not. Most vehicles don't have legitimate animations. Personally I've always gotten that error and I haven't bothered looking for a solution since I've been able to easily just copy an existing animations file. You can go ahead and do that if your vehicle doesn't have any custom anims (you can just use one of mine if you want -- don't bother with crediting on something like that, since it's just a default text file).

If you followed the tutorial and that's the only error you got then you should be able to have a working vehicle. :)


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#3 10 years ago

I will check it out later. Thank you for telling me that it was that easy to just copy the file. So i can take any cfgvehicle animation at all that is only rotating pelvisend or anything similar?

I will try this out tomorrow. Thank you.