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#1 8 years ago

yo, ehm well i cant put this much simpler but. I get this error in gtkradiant

ERROR: couldn't open C:/Users/User/Desktop/wtferNo brushes selected. for write

when i try and save ;s. The file doesnt appear when i save. Hope you guys can help me solve this.

Thanks Sabu.


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#2 8 years ago

IF you are using GTK 1.4 and are running vista or 7 then switch to GTK 1.5 (only solution that worked for me). For some reason vista and 7 block the save of maps by GTK 1.4


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#3 8 years ago

*checks stickied thread in help section*

GTK Radiant specific errors

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Can't save maps on Vista/Windows 7[/COLOR]

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This is a known issue for 1.4, and possibly 1.5 There are two 'solutions' to this problem.

1) Save over another .map file ( for example) This is because Radiant can't create a new map file, but it can overwrite 2) Under Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Layout, untick 'Use win32 file load dialog' This will use Radiants native save dialog, which will work (Thanks to mrwonko for finding this fix!)

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