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#1 16 years ago

Well id call myself an experiance ef mapper, and ive been toying with something in JKA for an rp group Im in. for the past few days ive been working on an AT AT interior, all the mapping is actually done but the functions are starting to annoy me slightly. I cant get any custom textures to work - I guess you dont just make a folder in base/textures and use any jpeg you want, or if you do, why doesnt it work for me :( I cant get any custom music or sfx to work - Same as textures, I have a /base/sound folder with the wav's I need in but the target_speakers dont work Cant get my levelshot to show in loading - nuff said Cant get my ladder to work - now in ef I just stick a brush with the ladder texture on where I want my ladder and it works, but not here for some reason Cant get doors to make sounds when they open - need some help with this, not sure on the command line for door opening sounds. anyone who could clear this up would have my utmost thanks, as the map is complete bar these minor details.



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#2 16 years ago

FIrst: Happy Winter-een-mas. Second: Textures have to be an common multiple wide (2x2, 4x4, 144x144, 256x256, etc.) You can't have a texture 137x193 pixels, which might have been what you did. Not sure about the sounds. Jedi Academy has no climbing function, unlike Elite Force (is that the ef you were talking about?) I recommend putting a trigger push that will propel the player straight up when he comes near the ladder. To set that up you make a brush at the base of the ladder textured system>nodraw and make it a trigger-push, then a target_position several units above the top (so the player has enough height to be able to land). Link w/ ctrl+K For sounds the key is soundset, and find a value in assets0 with pakscape (google it if you don't already have it) If you can't find something, this guy http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/ has the answers.