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18th August 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hello modders, if you have few spare hours you can look into this.First i would love Black and White blades.and i mean BLACK not invisible or blacklight (sort of dark purple color) and if i can ask try not to overwrite other colors (at least at MP).

Others are quite more tricky i dunno if you saw Yu-Yu hakushobut charakter Kuwabara has some sord of swords...whitout anny hilt (there is exeption on one figth but i leave that one out) its basically energy sabre/sabres (he uses DW for short time aswell) i wonder if anny of you can make all 4 variants (spiritual sword,Dual spiritual sword,sword of dimensions) so it dosent rewrite classical lightabres and to give it proprt hop Kuwabara's skin would be nice too.

worst part of this request add those models to sp whitot rewriting anny others: Kel'Dor female, Rodian female, Twi'lek male, Zabrak male

exept Kel'dors i think that there are models anavible separetely,but only for MP.if it is impossible than at least collection for MP.

now i understand if this is impossible but i would realy wellcome the sabres,becose i am unable to find proper black baldes annywhere .( it is all just invisible or darker purple