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3rd September 2005

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#11 13 years ago

I personally don't see any any problem with posts pertaining to FF9's overall design theme and style, as that's pretty relevant. Don't see why anyone else should see a problem with that either. So hey, talk it up all ya like about FF9's artistic style - every modder knows that a good project starts with ideas. (Just an FYI, guys, not all the forum staff are modders, so you'll have to forgive their initial semi-understanding of the developer trade...)

One thing I don't wanna see in this thread, though, is the inevitable "my penis is bigger than your penis" comparison of every freakin' FF game on the planet. For those fanboys out there who decided to form a cult around a game and denounce every other game on the planet... well, go swallow a Gamecube controller for lunch, get a drink of iced tea, or something. Just don't trash it simply because you don't play it.

Emphasis: Please don't compare FF games in this thread, as it doesn't really matter which you think is better. If you truly want to argue over something so petty and useless, please go start a poll in General Gaming for that purpose.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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14th September 2003

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#12 13 years ago

Hehe, alright well my comment has been deleted but I guess I can repost it.

It LOOKED the best on the PS1, quite largely due to the FMVs and the places.

My opinion is that the best magic animations were from FF8, especially Cura, which was awesome. FF7's Bolt3/Ice3 with the all materia were fantastic. In 9, I thought the coolness went down a notch, except for flare and thundara which were wicked. 10 was nice, but had no wow factor. And they killed 12. I've never seen such awful maguc effects even before FF6 time in terms of originality and coolness. There was no sense of magic becoming more powerful as you went on because Curaga and everything else looks identical to the lower level spells. A bit like Oblivion really.

I know there were a lot of nice places in FF9 but I don't really have a special affinity for any of the places like I do with FF7/8.

Kyoku MaggoT

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13th August 2007

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#13 13 years ago

i dont mind the maps to much, i would like to know if they're are any FF9 models or skins (not the crappy vivi i saw on JKFiles) is there any Zidane or Kuja skins out there? please tell me where

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