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8th December 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Hi, i have made a clan map for my clan [SR] (Sith of Ragnos) using GTK Radient 1.4.0 but i cant carry on with it for some reason. Ive been meaning to finish it on my new comp, but it goes INCREDIBLY SLOW! Here are the pics of my map on the website: I have finished the following: Main Hall Armory Medical Centre Water Duel room Command Bridge on the Space Station Here are the things i have done so far but are not finished yet: Dojo (karate room) Bar Here are the things that i want but not started yet: Space Station with big flying area around Different types of Duel rooms e.g: Snow, Grassy, Urban etc. Music in bar Turn on/off button for turrets in bar Turn on/off blastshield over where the bartender works (like JK2 but see through-able where the bartender/player is Sith Council Room with lockable door Training area with reborns, droids, animals etc Swimming pool Jail with Alarm Rooms for the Leaders/SCMs I know that is ALOT to do and you might not do all of it, some might say "That will be a really big map to do" but trust me it would be one of the best:cool:. If you are interested, i will post you the map. TY. (Sith kind of architecture plz)