GTK - Do System Shader Brushes count towards Brush Limit? -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

Pretty direct question in the topic title--I was wondering if brushes covered with a system shader texture (such as physics clip, player block, etcetera) actively count towards the brush limit when running a .bsp compilation.

My map has excessive brush work, and so I'm converting a lot of the detail into .ase models, leaving only models with shaders, triggers, and other entities intact as brushes. For physics clipping however, I was wondering if I could duplicate the model, apply the system physics-clip texture then place the .ase models in such a way that they fit perfectly within the physics clip. [B]Obviously this theory only holds true if clips don't affect the brush count. I am making a small test map to find out for myself, but I've got my big map open, and the .ase conversion tool ready and waiting, so multitasking is slowing me down a fair bit. But I'm also looking for general knowledge--anything special out there that you folks might have to share about techniques or troubleshooting?