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13th September 2010

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#1 7 years ago

Guys can you tell me how can i make spawn vehicle in GTK 1.4 ??

i'm doing it this way :

putting NPC_vehicle brush

edit with "N"

there i'm writing

count -1 NPC_type x-wing NPC_target x-wing damage 25000 delay 5 targetname x-wing showhealth 1 angle 270 spawnflags 1 speed 512

And the x-wing even doesnts up icon_e_sad.gif on the map

What's wrong ??


Another problem.. How can i make laser beam efect on the map ( form trip mine ) for obstacle course room (when player will hit the laser he will be teleported to the start position)

like here on council building BB > ... e/97724/14


And last problem. How can i make buttons to open locked doors Like in Jedi Knight 2 at the end of first level "Kejim_post"

There were 3 symbols to find and player had to make good symbol with 3 butttons.

I want make Admin room locked UP and open only when 7 buttons will have good number on it i mean smth like this

each button will have number form 1 -10 And when u press one button this button will change 1>2 another press 2>3 ...... 10>1

buttons will be 5

right sequence will open door [1][5][7][2][9] => Opens admin room door Thiss door will close automaticlly and after they will close the sequence will reset to [1][1][1][1][1]

wrong code of buttons will not do anything.

How it can be done ? I need this on MP map icon_razz.gif

Please Help me icon_e_smile.gif

p.s. im almost full healthy soon i'll record lines for jaden. again

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29th January 2004

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#2 7 years ago

I can help with the tripwire question, at least. You need to do this in two parts, the actual teleporter and the effect. The effect is created by placing an fx_runner entity in the map for the source of the effect, and an info_null where you want it to end. Have the fx_runner target the info_null and set the effect line to the filepath/name of the effect. (In actual fact, targeting the info_null just sets the direction, the beam effect has it's own conditions to determine when to stop, in this case upon hitting a surface).

For the teleporter, you want to create a narrow brush that covers the length of the beam. Apply the system/trigger shader and turn this brush into a trigger_teleport. Now create a target_teleport at the destination and have the trigger_teleport target the target_teleport. Multiple triggers can connect to the same target.