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2nd June 2010

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#1 10 years ago

Short version: Unless players aim somewhere (VERY) close to themselves on sky, they cannot see it. They see messed up blackness instead.

Long version: In one of older -unanswered- posts:

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... SECONDLY; Actually this is an older question but, I did some revision on it. When I'm just a little far from sky brush, I only see messed up void. I can see skybrush only when I'm very close to it. Or I should say, when I'm looking towards a closer point on the skybrush. If I look a further point on skybrush, as I said, things get fizzy.

Sun is correct, surfacelight thing is correct. But rest of skyshader has gone mad.

Tried increasing distancecull, blocksize. Didn't work I guess that it's something closely related with struct-detail brushes, but don't know exactly.

Help is appreciated.:beer:


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15th September 2005

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#2 10 years ago

An actual mapper could give you a much reliable feedback, but here are my 2 cents... Skyboxes can conflict very easily with certain shaders, fog would be one notable, in certain tests I've run into, a map where both the skybox and fog were visible caused the furthest corner of my skybox to clip through the void... in another occasion a playermodel with a shader to invert the normals or certain polygons caused half the skyboxes of a number of my maps to become void (it sounds ridiculous, but did happen)...

a suggestion?... selectively remove your shaders one at a time to find out wich is conflicting with your skybox. This may be caused by other things too, like weather, effects... since these trigger shaders...