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6th January 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Well i decided i would try my hand at making a siege map. I downloaded the tutorial from raven and followed it through making the siege, team and class files. I put a couple of spawn points in for both siege teams then fired up my map in siege mode to see what the stuff I had done so far looked like and got this:


I can look around in spectator mode but that's about it. I have tried various alterations to my siege, class and team files all to no avail. I just get what is shown in the screenshot though I don't get any errors in the console. I have also tried copying the .seige file for hoth and renaming it to match my maps bsp name which had no effect. Finally i tried deleting my .seige file entirely, this also had no effect.

I have noticed that the class options it is giving are the same for both teams. The fact that i get no errors regardless of what i do with the file seems to suggest that something i have done is causing it to fail and load a set of default siege values. I don't suppose anyone with a bit more experience than me could figure out where i am going wrong?