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4th September 2005

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#11 13 years ago
DarkVortex1234You know what? I thank you han bacca and everyone else can just be quiet.

Yeesh, no need to get pissy just because we made the suggestion that you make an effort to help yourself before relying on others. Why should you expect other people to help you when you're not willing to make an effort?

You ain't gonna get very far in life with that attitude.

Oh, and The one and only, if you're going to help someone, try and do it without pushing your luck in regards to the forum rules. There's a link to the FAQ & guidelines across the top of your screen - read it.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.



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7th November 2005

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#12 13 years ago
bobaandy;3440049Or, for a easier answer, go to the master sticky.

Pfft. What, like we live in such an advanced society where theres a simple sticky with quick fixes and guides to modding? Dream On!


I didn't make it!

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#13 13 years ago

all right, i apolgise for being a little angry. Sorry for getting your shorts in a bundle.

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16th October 2006

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#14 13 years ago

Sorry, but since the tutorial was already there, and the link goes directly to it, rather than having to search through the master sticky, (Which, I might add, links to other sites) you can't really complain. I didn't intend that to be "advertising", and I'm sure people have posted links to the map centre forums, for instance. What's the difference?



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14th March 2005

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#15 13 years ago

0_0 It was YOU who touched my shorts!

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