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#1 10 years ago


iam a newbie (means a noob) in skinning.. i weighted the mesh to bones and caps.. linked hierachie..etc i did everything right (have a look here: Content) but i have one problem: i get everyime the same message from that assimilate.exe: validation_faults

"Model: "_humanoid"

Model has both GLA and XSI files specified. Pick one method or the other

(1 faults)"

what did i wrong? any idea??...

(this message isnt listen up in the carcass error guide: Carcass Error Guide by Bell)

please help me..


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#2 10 years ago

Here's a guide I wrote some time ago, steps 6 and 7 should fix your problem.

To set up Assimilate and compile your model (assuming you weighted it properly), do the following:

1.) Make a folder structure like this: 1200064846.png Too many sub-folder or insanely long filenames will cause Assimilate to bug out, so remember to keep it simple.

2.) Put the carcass.exe and the root.xsi of your weighted and linked model into the /_humanoid/-folder. (Like shown above)

3.) Open up Assimilate and go to "Edit" -> "Preferences". Set it like this: 1200065030.png Make sure the Quake-Dir is empty too.

4.) Go to "File" -> "Add Files..." and select your root.xsi (located in your /_humanoid/-folder, remember?)

5.) Once again, go to File" -> "Add Files..." and select the _humanoid.gla (also located in your /_humanoid/-folder. ^^)

6.) Now expand the _humanoid: (Single Player Mode) tree and select the root.xsi. Should look exactly like this: 1200065282.png

7.) Delete the root.xsi (just press "Del" on your keyboard) and hit the "Build" button (the large, black "B" in Assimilate) to compile. You'll be asked to save a .car-file. Rename it from "" to "" and hit ok.

8.) Your done. :P

Note that once you've set Assimilate up like this, most of these steps become obsolete. You simply open Assimilate then, select the you've just made (you can re-use it for all models that use the _humanoid.gla) and hit "B".


I didn't make it!

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#3 10 years ago

THANK YOU VERY MUCH... i forgot to delete the root.xsi.... now it works perfect!!!