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26th December 2006

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#1 16 years ago

I recently downloaded gmax and took the mace tutorial, but im wondering if its possible to make a sword and import it into JKIII with gmax. If not, is there any way i can w/o paying 3000 for 3ds max? Essentially i want to make a handle that has a metal-looking blade attached and then dim or get rid of the saber glow. Anyone know how I can do this? (also i want to make the blade slighltly curved and very thin in one dimension-similar to the Tlanarion Long swords in Shadowbane if anyone has ever played that) -Thx


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31st December 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Its definitely possible to make sabers/swords with Gmax. Now... I cant really explain how to model. The best advice I can give you for actually how, is to experiment with all the features, and to use the Group feature a fair bit. Try to see what works for you; What I do, might not work for you. How you do it, might not be right for me. But for sabers, make sure the center of where you want to hold the blade is right in the middle of the grid, or it'll not work right. For blade tags, you can have up to 8 (tag_blade1 to tag_blade8) per saber. They always start facing 0 degrees - To the right. Rotate it as desired from there, probably at 90 degrees if you want a normal saber blade.

Now, for the lack of saber glow and the like, I reccommend downloading the JK3 SDK from - Look inside, and it has a *.sab command list, so you can change the blade thickness and length, sounds, glow, and trails/motion blurs. Theres a lot you can do with them, surprisingly.