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#1 11 years ago

I have put together various models using different parts from different models (don't worry I have every intention of getting permission and giving permission to the authors). The only problem is I can't weigh them/get them in game. Yes, I've tried reading the sticky and tried multiple times. Anyone willing to do it for me? Here are some screenshots:


Thanks in advance

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#2 11 years ago

I'm not interested in weighting something you don't even have permission to use yet, and I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone that is. Plus asking someone to weight 5 models is a little unreasonable, especially when you haven't done any of the work yourself. Most folks here also don't really support Frankensteining other people's work.

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#3 11 years ago

How hard is it to weigh a model? Psyk0's tutorial shows perfectly how basic weighing is done, if you follow that, you'll have a model in-game in less than an hour.